04 July 2015

Butter London Bloody Brilliant Lip Crayon Swatch, Review, and Giveaway

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Butter London has been in the nail polish industry for 10 years and now they've branched out with cosmetics. Imagine my delight when this awesome package landed on my doorstep! I'm a huge makeup wearer and I absolutely love lip products!

These 3-in-1 lip crayons have the precision of a lip liner, the shine of a gloss, and the full coverage of a lipstick. They're also infused with mango seed oil and marula oil, which helps with keeping the lips moisturized. Another awesome thing about these lip crayons is that they also contain niacinamide, which is said to be an anti-aging agent and is really popular right now with skin care products.

Instead of being a twist-top pencil, these come with their own sharpener hidden inside the cap! Perfect for tossing in your purse or makeup bag, or in my case, my scrub pocket ;)

  • Ruby Murray - deep berry creme
  • Teddy Boy - rosy creme
  • Toff - red grape creme
  • Tea With the Queen - light nude creme
  • Primrose Hill Picnic - tropical pink creme
  • Disco Biscuit - bubblegum pink creme
  • Trout Pout - light coral creme

There are 8 shades in this line, one not part of this review is Ladybird, which I will be posting later this weekend. I'm really impressed with these! They are very moisturizing and don't have that sticky feeling you get with traditional glosses or the heaviness as with a normal lipstick. Shown above is just 1 swipe on the inside of my arm, and the color payoff is amazing. Wear time is about 4 hours on me since I drink a lot of coffee and whatnot in the morning. I actually did these swatches about 5 hours ago and after trying to nap, the swatches are still on my arm and have shown minimal fading, although they aren't glossy.

Butter London Bloody Brilliant Lip Crayons retail for $20 and you can find them on Butter London's website, Ulta, and Macy's. Be sure to check out Butter London on other social media, as well!

One more thing! You didn't think I forgot, did you?? ;) The amazing people at Butter London sent an extra set of the 7 lip crayons and one lucky person will win all of them!

Giveaway is open to US residents only.  Must be 18 years of age or older. I will not be responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items. Giveaway will run from 7/5/15 to 7/17/15. Giveaway accounts not allowed, PERIOD. Those who unfollow after the giveaway ends will be banned from future giveaways.

20 January 2015

Revlon Royal and Nail Pattern Boldness Boop-Oop-a-Dupe (Photo Heavy!)

Purchased By Me

Happy Tuesday night!! I hope the work week is going well for you! I've spent the most of the last couple of days up to my ears in prior authorizations, so naturally, it's nice to get home and just unwind!

Out of the umpteen bottles of untried polish I have, I decided I really needed to bring out Revlon Royal and Nail Pattern Boldness Boop-Oop-a-Dupe*. Looking back through my blog, I haven't worn this since July of 2013! This is one of my favorite combinations ever and I never get tired of wearing it or seeing it. I took a bajillion photos and managed to narrow down the selection to 4 :P Shown is 2 coats of Revlon Royal with Ellagee Grip as my base, topped with 2 coats of BOaD and 1 coat of KBShimmer Clearly on Top.

Picture spam!!

Look at that color shift!!
Direct Light
Direct Light
What is your favorite polish or combination right now? Hope you have a great night!! :D

*Sadly, this isn't available for purchase anymore :(

18 January 2015

L'Oreal Masked Affair Swatch and Review

Purchased By Me

Happy Sunday!!! Hope everyone is doing well and had a great weekend!! I mostly cleaned and did laundry.. yuck!

Last weekend, I stopped at a Walgreen's on my way home from work, hoping to find the Jordana liquid eyeliner, but instead found the L'Oreal Dark Sides of Grey Collection! I absolutely loooove the books.. my copies are quite worn out, but I'm not in love with the mainstream collections that are coming out. I think they're too much grey and dark colors and not at all what the books are really about. It's like the geniuses behind these collections didn't even read the books! That's how much I love the books ;)

Having said that, after all the hype and hullabaloo I've read online about Masked Affair, I decided to pick it up since I had a coupon to use anyway. After reading so many reviews on Masked Affair, I already knew I was looking at dragging on the second coat and having to use a third coat to hide said dragging. What I was NOT expecting was dragging on the third coat, especially after letting the first and second coats dry completely before applying the third. I posted about my frustrations on my Facebook page last night and some people said they had the same issue, others have suggested letting each coat dry before applying the next, another person said to use a light hand and float the polish on, another said to use a matte topcoat in between coats, while another said to use an aqua basecoat, etc., etc.

Anyway!! Masked Affair is a silvery lavender scattered/linear holo. A really huge deal for a drugstore polish! I used 4 coats total for the photos below and Ellagee Grip (which could have been a factor in application) and on the pinky and middle finger I used Ellagee Glass. At first, top coat does dull the holo completely while wet, but after top coat is dry, the flame comes back. I personally don't think top coat dulls the holo that much. If it does, it's not noticeable.

Hey there, pinky nail!! Why you so short?? (Corner break so I had to cut my nail down really short.. it's gross!!)

If you look at the index finger on the right side, you can see the drag mark *le sigh*

Application issues aside, it really is a gorgeous polish and a big step for a mainstream drugstore company, especially since the Sally Hansen Nail Prisms came out years ago! Now to work on the formula! ;)

Having said that, any nail polish, whether it be a mainstream brand or an indie, should not have to be so much work to apply. The average person should be able to purchase online or go to the store and buy a polish without worrying about, "Will I need an aqua base coat for this?" or "Are there any tricks to applying this polish? Can I just apply it like any other polish?" How many average people know about the matte top coat trick? I've been blogging for almost 3 years and it's the first I've heard about this. Beautiful polish or not, if it requires a special base coat or if you have to stand on your head while applying the polish to your fingers with your toes and your eyes crossed, I won't buy it or use it.

I bought mine at Walgreen's for about $7. I've also seen people say they picked this up at RiteAid. If you don't have a RiteAid but a ton of Walgreen's like I do, what I've learned about new displays is only the high volume stores with a busy cosmetics department get the new stuff. Smaller stores that don't have a lot of volume or don't have a lot of sales in cosmetics won't get the seasonal or promotional displays.

What do you think? Have you bought this and think it lives up to all the hype?

04 January 2015

KBShimmer Men Are From Mars-ala Swatch and Review

Press Sample

Happy New Year, everyone!! I hope everyone had a great New Year's Eve! Sadly, everyone in our house was sick with the flu during Christmas and was still recuperating on New Year's. We're mostly better now, though! :)

Now on to the first post of the year! Let's talk about the Pantone Color of the Year 2015, Marsala. When this was announced a couple of months ago, I was very leery about the color. With Radiant Orchid in 2014, I bought everything I could get my hands on (and could afford) that was the color of the year. Marsala looked like a color that I wouldn't be able to pull off with my skin tone. But then Christy at KBShimmer created Men Are From Mars-ala and completely changed my mind!! I don't care if it doesn't go with my skin tone.. I'm gonna rock the COTY!! ;)

Men Are From Mars-ala is an earthy red-brown linear holo. Shown is 2 coats of MAFM using Ellagee Grip and KBShimmer Clearly on Top. Application was smooth as buttah!

KBShimmer Men Are From Mars-ala

Then I decided to see how this would look matte! I used Hard Candy Matte-ly In Love and this is just beautiful matte! Now I have the sudden urge to matte all of holos!

KBShimmer Men Are From Mars-ala Matte

What do you think? Are you a fan of the Color of the Year?

This is available for purchase now at kbshimmer.com for $8.75 plus shipping. For international sales, check out Harlow and Co.