17 February 2014

Barielle Nude & Naughty Collection - Swatches and Review

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Happy Monday, President's Day.. whatever! Hope everyone is staying safe during this ice storm!

Firstly, I want to apologize for not posting as much as I normally do.. I'm looking into being tested for adrenal fatigue because no matter how many hours of sleep I get, I'm still exhausted when I get up in the morning. I don't know if it's adrenal fatigue, combined with being busy at work, busy at home, or what, but I need to figure it out!

A couple of weeks ago, Barielle reached out to me, inviting me to be a part of their blogger family. I was super stoked and said yes! I have to say, Barielle is very generous! I received nail care products and the Nude & Naughty Collection.

Barielle let me choose what nail care products I wanted to review, so I picked the Hydrating Ridge Filler with Silk FiberNo Chip Speed Dry with Silk Protein top coat, and Nail Strengthener Cream. Barielle sent me the tube and I received that after I got my first package :D I'll have a separate review of the cream posted at a later date.

I've been wanting to try a good ridge filling base coat for awhile now. I have really deep ridges on my thumbs, so I was really excited to try this out! It didn't completely fill the ridges on my thumbs at first glance, but after polishing my nails, it did a really great job of filling in the ridges. This dries to a matte finish, which I absolutely love. The only downfall I found was that I couldn't remember if I put base coat on and ended up doubling up a couple of times :D

I am in love with nudes and browns right now.. and the Nude & Naughty collection is right up my alley. I just love the names of the polishes! From left to right, Pillow Talk, Very Bare, No Not Now, I Got a Headache, and In Good Taste. All swatches are two coats with Barielle No Chip Speed Dry top coat. 3 coats would have been ideal since I did have some dragging with the second coat, but I think that may just be user error, since cremes and I don't get along! The formula on all of these is amazing! I was in love at first swipe!

Very Bare is a pale pink creme, although it does behave like a jelly, as well. I absolutely love this color and it's a great palette cleanser. Definitely a favorite!

Pillow Talk is a pale peach creme. Exact same formula and consistency as Very Bare. Beautiful shade, and I looove how this looked with my skin tone. Doesn't make me look red or yellow-y!

In Good Taste is a gorgeous milk chocolately brown creme. I love a good chocolate brown polish!

No Not Now is a sheer toffee. Love this color! Another one that looks great with my skin tone!

And lastly, another favorite.. I Got a Headache (LOOOVE this name!!).. this is a shimmery caramel and I love the gold flakey shimmer in this! Absolutely gorgeous and my favorite of the entire collection <3

And another shot..

Isn't it gorgeous!!

Overall, this is a great collection.. I love every single shade in it! The ridge filler is amazing, the top coat is about average as far as quick dry top coats go. It didn't dry my polish any quicker than other top coats I use. It does say that it has UV protection and prevents dark colors from fading and light colors from yellowing. I normally don't wear polish long enough to test that out, but I will do another post on just the top coat, maybe do some comparisons.

Barielle can be purchased at barielle.com, Nail polishes are 3-Free and retail for $8 each, or you can buy the kits for $25, which brings each bottle to $5 each <---- amazing deal!! The ridge filler is $16 and top coat is $12.50. Barielle always has amazing specials going on, so definitely subscribe to their newsletter! Also, don't forget to check out their Facebook page for contests!