21 December 2014

KBShimmer Men are from Mars-ala Press Release

KBShimmer Launches “Men are from Mars-ala”


Celebrate the New Year and Pantone’s 2015 Color of the Year with KBShimmer! “Men are from Mars-ala” is an earthy, red-brown shade that will make a fresh new addition to any neutral nail palette. Worn outdoors or in bright light, Men are from Mars-ala features a linear holographic and when indoors, this shade is rich and warm – just like a glass of Marsala wine should be!

Men are from Mars-ala’s luxurious formula applies like a 
dream and dries to a shiny, holographic finish. Wear it with a matte top coat for an ultra-modern look or a high-shine one for something a little more classic. Just make sure you don’t get caught without this year’s Color of the Year!

Men are from Mars-ala launches January 1st, 2015 will be available on www.KBShimmer.com for $8.75

I'm really starting to love the Pantone Color of the Year!! At first, I was blah about it, but after seeing this, I'm really excited to see what everyone puts out! I'll have my review up later in the week!

20 December 2014

Pahlish Shadow Proclamation

Purchased By Me

Happy Saturday!! Hope everyone is having a great weekend so far! I worked a half day today and it was one of the slowest I've worked, now I'm ready for a nap! :P

I have one more Bespoke to share with, then I'm done with the teasing! I promise!

Pahlish Shadow Proclamation is described as a linear gunmetal holographic with a mix of gunmetal and charcoal flakes with iridescent violet flakes. The darker flakes certainly stand out in this polish! This polish is named for the Shadow Proclamation in Doctor Who, the supreme law of the Universe.

Shown is 3 coats with Ellagee Grip and Glass.. isn't it beautiful??  I really love the dark flakes scattered throughout the holo.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!! I'm really getting back into the swing of things, in regards to blogging! I hope to have more posts up this weekend and squeeze in 1 more holiday nail art idea!

18 December 2014

Pahlish Dreamer of Improbable Dreams

Purchased By Me

Happy Thursday!! 7 more days until Christmas, as my daughter excitedly reminded me this morning.. LOL. Do you have your shopping done? I have to finish a couple of online orders tomorrow morning and get stocking stuffers for the kids.

I mentioned in my Pahlish Sexy Fish Vampires post how I really wished I had grabbed the other Bespoke that was released at the same time. Well, I was able to get Dreamer of Improbable Dreams from an awesome person from the Pahlish group I'm! I was super excited when I got it in the mail :D

Source: A Little More Sonic

Dreamer of Improbable Dreams is described as a dusky garnet linear holographic with red and violet micro-flakes. Honestly, the first coat made me go ehhhh.. after I put the third coat on, though, I could not stop staring at my nails!

Shown is 3 coats of Dreamer of Improbable Dreams with Ellagee Grip and Glass.

I'm telling you.. Shannon could never, ever, ever go wrong with anything she puts out. All of the polishes I've bought have been absolutely amazing, both in quality and color/finishes.

Are you a Pahlish fan? Were you able to pick this up before it was gone?

See you tomorrow for another Pahlish post!! :D

16 December 2014

Pahlish Dark Water

Purchased By Me

Good morning, everyone!! What's this?? Another post?? Why, yes, yes it is! Our babysitter's last day was supposed to be tomorrow, but she decided not to show up yesterday, so I've been staying home with my 4 year old until we find someone new. I'm able to squeeze in some time to do swatching and blogging.. wooo!!

Anywho.. I have another Pahlish Bespoke to share with you today! Dark Water is a beautiful violet-blue holo. This was inspired by the Doctor Who episode "Dark Water" from the 11th season. Sadly, I have yet to get caught up on the new season! For some reason, Peter Capaldi isn't quite doing it for me.. LOL.

I just can't get enough of Shannon's holos!! Shown is 3 coats of Dark Water with Ellagee Grip and Glass. I had to adjust the lighting in my light tent because my camera was freaking out.. haha!

How do you like the new photos? I've been using Photoshop for 10+ years and completely forgot that there was a crop tool, plus I've been playing around with hand poses and camera angles.

See my other post for information on Bespokes and other important Pahlish information! Sadly, this one isn't available for purchase anymore, but you may able to pick it up in a swap or blog sale!

15 December 2014

Pahlish The Good Dalek

Purchased By Me

Happy Monday, everyone!!

I've been on a huuuuuge Pahlish kick lately, especially since Shannon has been whipping out Doctor Who inspired polishes left and right! I was able to snag the 3 Bespokes that were released several weeks ago and I have one of them to share with you tonight! I'll have more Pahlish spam for you later this week! ;)

The Good Dalek is described as a rose gold holographic with a mix of soft gold, red, and pink flakes. I used 3 coats of TGD with Ellagee Grip and Glass. I just loooove this polish!! It reminds of Rose and the episode "Dalek."

The flakes get absolutely lost in my photos with that amazing holo! Even under normal lighting, the holo is so beautiful!

Isn't she just gorgeous?! <3

This is still available for purchase on Pahlish's Big Cartel store and is $12 plus shipping for a 15mL bottle. All of Pahlish's polishes are 5-Free, as well! Get it while you can! Once it's gone, it's gone for good! Follow Pahlish on Facebook to keep up with news on new collections, restock dates, and sneak peeks of Bespokes.

02 December 2014

12 Days of Christmas: Snowflakes

Nothing To Disclose

Good evening, guys and gals!! To help ease back into blogging, I decided to participate in Challenge Your Nail Art's 12 Days of Christmas!! :D

I absolutely loved the snowflake stamping I did last year, so I wanted to do something different, remembering I had a new stamping plate from Born Pretty Store to use with an awesome snowflake image on it.

I used Dollish Polish It's Bigger on the Inside (very appropriate for this time of the year with Doctor Who and Christmas ;) ) and stamped with QA86 and Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Silver Sweep. I also used Ellagee Grip (base coat) and Glass (top coat).

I'd forgotten how much I loved stamping!

Be sure to check out the other blogger's snowflakes and I'll see you in a couple of days for Christmas trees!!

Gabriel Cosmetics ColorBLOCKade Swatches and Review

Press Sample

Good morning!! Hope your day is going well!! :)

Today I have all 5 shades from the ColorBLOCKade collection from Gabriel Cosmetics! This bright, fun collection consists of 3 cremes and 2 shimmers. I used Ellagee Grip and Glass for all photos and are shown with 2 coats except Golden Yellow, which is 3 coats. Dry time on all of these were fantastic! The black caps can be easily removed for easier application.

Holiday Red is a beautiful cherry red with gold shimmer. The shimmer kind of gets lost after the second coat, but it's still a beautiful color and my favorite from the collection. Perfect for the upcoming holiday!

Raspberry is a gorgeous berry creme. This was incredibly glossy on it's own. Definitely a favorite and one that can be worn year round. Cremes and I don't along at all, so I'm pretty impressed with the formula on this one.

Cashmere is a mannequin hands/taupe creme that actually looks gorgeous with my skin tone. It's hard to find a shade this color that doesn't make me look red! Has the same great formula as Raspberry.

Petrol Blue is a bluish-grey creme that leans more on the blue side. Very beautiful color and great formula as well!

Lastly, we have Golden Yellow, AKA the troublemaker. Golden Yellow is a banana yellow with a shimmer that fails to photograph on the nail. I really wanted to love this color. It makes my skin look all sorts of weird. Yellows and my skin tone don't get along. I did have to use 3 coats to get rid of any streakiness the second coat left. 

Overall, this is a really great collection. I'm really impressed with the quality and formula of these polishes. Each polish is 14ml and retails for $8.50 per bottle. Gabriel Cosmetics has more than just nail polish! They have a huge range of cosmetics, from lipsticks to brushes to kids bath products. Be sure to follow on Facebook for updates on new collections, events, and much more!!