26 May 2013

Aly's Dream Polish Ballad of Serenity Collection Swatches and Review

Provided For Review

Hellooooo everyone!! First off, I want to apologize to Ashley of Aly's Dream Polish for taking forever to get this review done! I've been going through some stuff with my family, then I've been sick and just not feeling the nail polish vibes :( AND!! My camera is being difficult! Anyway!!

I received the Ballad of Serenity collection to review and let me tell you.. it is a fabulously gorgeous collection <3 Of course, I loooove Firefly and jumped on the bandwagon to bring the series back. I have yet to see the movie, though, which is titled Serenity! But of course! ;) On to the polish! Some of the descriptions are taken from the cute pamphlet that came with my package because I suck at coming up with ways to describe polish, LOL.

From L-->R: Reavers, Companion, Inevitable Betrayal,
The 'verse, Browncoats, Cap'n Tightpants, Invite Diamond

01 May 2013

Nail Art Jelly Sandwich

Hello, everyone! :) Happy Hump Day! Hope you all are doing well! After having not done my nails in about a week, having some personal issues last week that have just drained me, I wanted to do some nail art! My first idea was a huge and total nail fail. So I decided to do some nail art based on this mani <3

Zoya Frida is one of my most favorite jellies, but OPI My Pointe Exactly was calling to me! I also used Sinful Colors Heartfelt and Beverly Hills for the flowers and some random dots :) Don't mind the nub on my ring finger! I broke it opening a cabinet door that has child-proof locks on them, and I just couldn't bear cutting them down to the same length :'(

Have you tried this awesome nail art? Share your pictures on my Facebook page! I'd love to see your take on this! :D