21 December 2014

KBShimmer Men are from Mars-ala Press Release

KBShimmer Launches “Men are from Mars-ala”


Celebrate the New Year and Pantone’s 2015 Color of the Year with KBShimmer! “Men are from Mars-ala” is an earthy, red-brown shade that will make a fresh new addition to any neutral nail palette. Worn outdoors or in bright light, Men are from Mars-ala features a linear holographic and when indoors, this shade is rich and warm – just like a glass of Marsala wine should be!

Men are from Mars-ala’s luxurious formula applies like a 
dream and dries to a shiny, holographic finish. Wear it with a matte top coat for an ultra-modern look or a high-shine one for something a little more classic. Just make sure you don’t get caught without this year’s Color of the Year!

Men are from Mars-ala launches January 1st, 2015 will be available on www.KBShimmer.com for $8.75

I'm really starting to love the Pantone Color of the Year!! At first, I was blah about it, but after seeing this, I'm really excited to see what everyone puts out! I'll have my review up later in the week!

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