02 December 2014

Gabriel Cosmetics ColorBLOCKade Swatches and Review

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Today I have all 5 shades from the ColorBLOCKade collection from Gabriel Cosmetics! This bright, fun collection consists of 3 cremes and 2 shimmers. I used Ellagee Grip and Glass for all photos and are shown with 2 coats except Golden Yellow, which is 3 coats. Dry time on all of these were fantastic! The black caps can be easily removed for easier application.

Holiday Red is a beautiful cherry red with gold shimmer. The shimmer kind of gets lost after the second coat, but it's still a beautiful color and my favorite from the collection. Perfect for the upcoming holiday!

Raspberry is a gorgeous berry creme. This was incredibly glossy on it's own. Definitely a favorite and one that can be worn year round. Cremes and I don't along at all, so I'm pretty impressed with the formula on this one.

Cashmere is a mannequin hands/taupe creme that actually looks gorgeous with my skin tone. It's hard to find a shade this color that doesn't make me look red! Has the same great formula as Raspberry.

Petrol Blue is a bluish-grey creme that leans more on the blue side. Very beautiful color and great formula as well!

Lastly, we have Golden Yellow, AKA the troublemaker. Golden Yellow is a banana yellow with a shimmer that fails to photograph on the nail. I really wanted to love this color. It makes my skin look all sorts of weird. Yellows and my skin tone don't get along. I did have to use 3 coats to get rid of any streakiness the second coat left. 

Overall, this is a really great collection. I'm really impressed with the quality and formula of these polishes. Each polish is 14ml and retails for $8.50 per bottle. Gabriel Cosmetics has more than just nail polish! They have a huge range of cosmetics, from lipsticks to brushes to kids bath products. Be sure to follow on Facebook for updates on new collections, events, and much more!!

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  1. They make some lovely creme shades. Wonderful swatches too.


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