16 December 2014

Pahlish Dark Water

Purchased By Me

Good morning, everyone!! What's this?? Another post?? Why, yes, yes it is! Our babysitter's last day was supposed to be tomorrow, but she decided not to show up yesterday, so I've been staying home with my 4 year old until we find someone new. I'm able to squeeze in some time to do swatching and blogging.. wooo!!

Anywho.. I have another Pahlish Bespoke to share with you today! Dark Water is a beautiful violet-blue holo. This was inspired by the Doctor Who episode "Dark Water" from the 11th season. Sadly, I have yet to get caught up on the new season! For some reason, Peter Capaldi isn't quite doing it for me.. LOL.

I just can't get enough of Shannon's holos!! Shown is 3 coats of Dark Water with Ellagee Grip and Glass. I had to adjust the lighting in my light tent because my camera was freaking out.. haha!

How do you like the new photos? I've been using Photoshop for 10+ years and completely forgot that there was a crop tool, plus I've been playing around with hand poses and camera angles.

See my other post for information on Bespokes and other important Pahlish information! Sadly, this one isn't available for purchase anymore, but you may able to pick it up in a swap or blog sale!

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