14 July 2012

Orly Oui

My first post!! Eeeeee!!! I used to blog a loooong time ago about my life, so this is nothing new to me.. But! Every time I paint my nails, stamp, or do SOMETHING with my nails, I post it on FB and show my mom. I figured I would start a blog and keep track of everything I do and share with everybody else! So on to my first post! :D

I bought Orly Oui (from the 2011 Holiday Soiree Collection) from Copious last month and just got it on Thursday and had to use it immediately!! It is a goooooorgeous dark purple with a gold shimmer throughout it. Application is wonderful and would have been better if I hadn't been putting it on at 10:30 at night! I used two coats and still had some VNL, so I could have possibly used three coats. Topped with one coat of Seche Vite, and I was good to go! It's difficult to get an accurate picture, but trust me, it's beautiful! Every time I go outside, I can't stop staring at my nails! :)

Have a great weekend and thank you for stopping by my little page!!


  1. Very nice colour!
    Have a nice weekend!

  2. Very pretty color! I love the shimmers in it! :D

    ~ Yun

  3. I like your reasons for staring a blog - I'm very similar)) Great first post!


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