01 January 2013

Happy 2013!! Goals and a Mani

Wow!! Can you believe it's 2013 already?! 2012 flew by quickly! A lot of bloggers are posting their top polishes of the year and whatnot, and seeing as I only started blogging in July, I don't have any favorites! Plus I can't ever pick a favorite anything :D

I do have a few goals I hope to accomplish this year!

  • Blog more frequently
  • Reach 100 likes on Facebook or 100 followers on GFC
  • Start making my own nail polish
  • Get a domain
  • Participate in more challenges
  • Work on my photography skills
  • Work on stamping and nail art

Some of these are obtainable, and others I really need to work hard at :)

I wanted to do a NYE mani, even though I wasn't going anywhere, just for the fun of it. I got out my new best friend, striping tape, and got to work. I used two coats of Milani 3D in Hi-Res and Cyberspace, alternating the colors on each finger. Applied HK Girl Topcoat, let that work it's magic, then cut 10 strips of striping tape, taped down the middle of my nails and painted the other half of my nails with the opposite color of what was on that particular finger :) Of course, everything looks more awesome with glitter, so I added NOPI Sweet Dreams from the Selena Gomez collection. Fabulous glitter polish! No fishing, applied somewhat evenly, no curling or sticking up glitter. Added another coat of HK Girl, cleaned up the excess polish, and I was good to go! :)

Hope everyone had a great New Year's and may 2013 bring you lots of joy, happiness, prosperity, and all that jazz! <3


  1. Our goals for the year are very similar. Good luck!

  2. Hi Patricia,
    I have nominated you for a Liebster Award to add to the ones you already have! :-) Check out my blog for more info. Love your NYE nails, very blingy!

    1. Thank you! :D Guess I better get that blog post up! :P


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