11 February 2013

Erica's Nails and More February Nail Art Challenge - Day 4

It's Monday! Blah! I may be absent from here, and Facebook for a few days. After complaining of severe stomach pains for 3 days, my husband finally listened to me and went to Express Care to see a doctor, who in turn sent him to the ER, where they determined via CAT scan he had appendicitis. So he was rushed into surgery yesterday and is on the road to recovery. Since he now has an infection they need to clear up, he'll be in the hospital until at least Wednesday :(( Miss my hubby! So for now it's just me and the two kiddos, which is why I'll probably be quiet for awhile. Right now, it's just me and Eli, since he was sick and I kept him home from daycare :((

Anyway!! It's Day 4 of Erica's Nails and More February Nail Art Challenge, which is inspired by a pattern. I knew instantly what I wanted to do with this. My boss and his brother are huge fans of argyle, so I wanted to try that out :) Unfortantely, adding the white bits was a huge flop! Even though I'm not happy with it, I'm still going to post the pics :P A challenge is a challenge for a reason, and now I know to use a tinier, skinnier brush instead of the one that came with the nail art polish :@ And to keep in mind that, hey! You have tiny fingernails! Stop trying to use a brush the size of a broom to make lines!! Definitely going to try this out again :D

The lilac is Revlon Enchanting, the darker purple is Revlon Colorstay Amethyst, and the white is Milani Nail Art White Canvas. Everything was done free handed :)

 (see the smudges on my pinky?? I tried using a toothpick, tried to rub it off, then went back over with the nail art brush. EPIC FAIL!!)


  1. I like it! And I hope your hubby is home and feeling better soon! <3

  2. I nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award!

  3. I hope your husband feels better! Almost exactly a year ago, my hubby was hospitalized for the same thing! Only the didn't know if something else was causing the problem so he didn't get his out for a few days

  4. Oh no! I hope that he is home now and feeling better! I really like this, and argyle was popular this time around :) Friends of mine painted the walls of their baby's nursery in argyle and it looks so awesome :)


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