24 June 2013

Shimmer Wendy and Nail Art

Provided For Review Purchased By Me

Hiiiiii! It's Monday.. back to work, blah! I hope your Monday went well, and went by as quickly as mine did :)

I have another lovely Shimmer beauty to show you, and this time, I did something a little differently. I really wanted to do some nail art, so I have a skittlette to show you! Thank you to Marta from ChitChat Nails for coining this word! :D

I really love the colors in Wendy (purple, turquoise, and copper) and used those to plan the rest of this look <3

I used Orly Gumdrop as my base color (which is one of my absolute favorite polishes ever!). On my pinky I used a dotting tool and Revlon Amethyst, on my ring finger and thumb, I did a gradient with Wendy, on my middle finger, I used Revlon Amethyst and China Glaze Watermelon Rind, and on my index finger, I used a Kiss decal. Even though my dots smeared and my lines aren't straight, and the decal didn't cooperate, I still love this :D

 Have you done a skittlette yet?

Shimmer Polish can be purchased on Etsy for $12 for a 0.5 fl oz bottle. Be sure to like on Facebook and follow Cindy on her blog!

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  1. Great skittle manicure! I've done some and I love them :) There so fun to do.

  2. This is so cute, I really need to get more pastels! I love it!

  3. This is such a cute manicure! I love it! :)


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