30 September 2013

Pastelish Galaxy Nails?

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It's Monday!! Another week of work! Hope your day went by as quickly as mine! :)

I've said this before, but I loooove galaxy nails. They're so easy to do, the color combinations are endless, and you don't have to do traditional galaxies!

I tried to do pastel galaxies, but my colors were still too dark to be pastel :P I did wear this for a few days, though!

After my vegetable peeler fiasco, I ended up shortening all of my nails :(

I used Zoya Dream as my base color, then sponged on Zoya Mason and Belinda, but added mixed in Wet n Wild Break the Ice to lighten the colors. Added China Glaze Fairy Dust and used white acrylic paint and a dotting tool for the stars :)

Next time, I'll use smaller pieces of sponge on short nails like these :)

Are you a fan of galaxy nails? Do you like the traditional ones, or do you try different color combinations?

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  2. Oops sorry about that ^
    Was on the wrong account (: -

    Wow these are uh-may-zing!
    must get all the polishes you used to make this so I can recreate it!

  3. This looks so beautiful! I love the colors you used! Your new nail length looks great too :)

    1. Thank you! I'm on the fence about the length, though. I had my nails at the perfect length for me :(


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