07 April 2013

NerdLacquer I Think You Call Me... Sexy

Purchased By Me

Hellloooo fellow Whovians!! Did anyone catch last night's episode of Doctor Who? I DVRed it because I'm still trying to get caught up.. the good news is I'm on season 7 now! So in honor of the return of Doctor Who (and Matt Smith.. hello!!), I decided to pull out NerdLacquer I Think You Call Me... Sexy. I was lucky enough to snag this on Amanda's first restock since she came back. Since it was Doctor Who, I had to have it, even if I didn't know what the name referenced! :P (Now I do, though!)

I Think You Call Me... Sexy is a royal blue jelly with silver hex glitters (silver because I think they bled!) and silver holographic and blue micro glitters. It's difficult to give an accurate description because after doing some searching, my bottle is clearly different than the rest I've seen :\ My base color leans more toward a navy blue. I used 3 coats, the first and second coats were troublesome, with a lot of balding areas. This is one of those polishes where you should probably make sure each coat is dry because applying the next one. The third coat pretty much evened everything out. I'm really not sure how I feel about this polish. I was a bit disappointed when I was putting it on.

Be sure to follow NerdLacquer on Google+ to get the latest information on new collections, restocks, and other updates. You can purchase NerdLacquer here (when the restocks are live), Harlow and Co, and Ninja Polish (also when restocks are live). Just a helpful hint! You have to be quick because NLs sell out in just minutes!

 Until next time!!


  1. i love this episode so much. she was so cute.

  2. Hello fellow Whovian! :P It's always so nice to find people, on the nail polish community, that share the same interests as you (apart from the polish that is! xD)!
    I still need to get this one for me, it's gorgeous!


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