21 April 2013

Something Different... Growth and Practice

Nothing To Disclose

I was really into nail polish in 2005. I worked at Osco Pharmacy and always got dibs on clearance items and  bought all of the new drugstore collections. Little did I know that were other brands out there.. OPI, China Glaze, Essie.. just to name a few. Or that there was nail art! I painted my nails one color at a time and that was it. 

Then last year, a friend on FB posted a link to a nail polish giveaway, so I entered the giveaway, and that opened the door to a whole new nail polish world. I was taken to a place were there were even more nail polish brands I've never heard of, indie companies, nail art, a huge community.. and that was the end for me! I was sucked in! Last year in July, I had 86 bottles of nail polish and I thought that was a lot. Now, my collection is probably at the 500-mark and still growing!

Yesterday, as I was updating a group document for Blog Birthdays, I had to go find my first ever post to find my blog's birthday, and decided to read every post on my blog, to see how far I have come in almost a year. It's amazing what growth and practice can do, even in such a short amount of time!

Here's a picture from my very first picture of a manicure.. way before I knew about clean up, camera/macro settings, light boxes, hand poses (LOL).

And here's a comparison picture for the same nail art.. cherry blossoms! The one on top is my most recent attempt, and the bottom is my first try. Very different in a matter of a couple of months! Execution is a lot better, the photography is better (I think!).

I think this just goes to show that it doesn't necessarily have to take a long time to get where you want to be. Practice goes a long way! Frustration happens! I've gone through a few points where I was just beyond irritated because nothing was happening the way I planned it, nail polish wasn't applying correctly, nail art was a huge fail, stuff that looked awesome in my mind didn't translate well to nails. I read a ton of blogs on an almost-daily basis, and I take a lot of ideas from some of my favorite bloggers.. nail art techniques, photography, hand poses, and try to use those to come up with my own techniques and I think it may be paying off. Even if I don't get any comments on posts, I know that for me, I have come a long way and it makes me happy :D


  1. Great to see that you've grown over the year blogging! I can totally see the improvement based on the pictures too :)

  2. Thank you! I was really excited when I wrote this post :D It makes you feel good when you see how far you've come :D


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