30 August 2013

Guest Post: Mel from Glitterfists

Happy Friday!  :) When this posts, I'll be at work, so I hope everyone has a great day! :D 

Mel from Glitterfists is guest posting today, and I love her blog. The layout is beautiful, and her swatches are amazing! <3 Mel is fairly new to blogging, so be sure to check out her blog! :D

Hi everyone! Patricia has so generously let me guest post on her blog while her “little nub” (as she calls it!) heals up. So, first off let’s wish Patricia a speedy recovery! And secondly, let me say thank you so much Patricia for letting me post! It means a lot and I’m honored to help you out while you’re healing up. You’re an amazing person and blogger! *hugs*

I’ve got a pretty simple swatch for you all. Nothing too fancy! I recently went to Ulta to pick up some necessities, as well as some not-so-necessities when I decided to check out the Butter London display. I had tried previous Butters before and had abysmal luck with them. They would always chip on me the first or second day of application, so I eventually gave up. However, I decided to give them another try!

I pawed through the colors and what strikes me about Butter are their hilarious names for their colors. They’re extremely unique, sometimes off the wall and other times just down right bizarre. I picked up a fluorescent pink jelly with iridescent blue sparks, turned it over and read the name, Disco Buscuit. Yep, this puppy was coming home with me. How could it not with that name?

This polish has restored a little faith in Butter for me because not only did it apply completely opaque in 3 coats, it dried extremely quickly but it actually lasted longer than 2 days on me! Wahoo!!  Application was a breeze; it actually applied like buttah (pun completely and utterly intended).

If you don’t have this shade, you should definitely get it. It’s so unique and not something I have in my collection. I’m not usually a pink fan, but this one has a special place in my stash.

Thanks again Patricia and I hope you all enjoyed!

xoxo Mel (glitterfists)

Thank you so much, Mel!! <3 I have yet to try butter London, but this is definitely going on my wish list! :D

I hope everyone has a great weekend, especially if you get a 3-day weekend! I have to work 4 hours tomorrow.. booo :( But I'm off Monday, so that makes up for it! :P

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  1. This is a gorgeous color! Love the sparkle to it a lot :)


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