17 August 2013

NOTW - Ninja Polish Ambrosia

Purchased By Me

Happy weekend!! :) I apologize for not posting in a couple of weeks. I work full time as a pharmacy technician, plus I have two kids who occupy my time after I get off work, so lately it's been hard to find time to blog and do anything nail polish related :( I'm hoping to get caught up this weekend, and right now, I'm doing a lot of editing of photos on my laptop since my 3 year old decided that he wanted to take over my desktop and watch cartoons in it.

Anyway!! This past week, I have been wearing Ninja Polish Ambrosia from the Enigma Collection. Ambrosia is a beautiful "hot pink jelly" with an equally beautiful shimmer throughout. I bought this along with Divinity when it was first released as a duo :) This is 3 coats of Ambrosia and 1 coat of G&G HK Girl top coat, and as you can see, there is still VNL.

Ninja Polish Ambrosia, along with the other polishes in the Enigma Collection, can be purchased on Ninja Polish for $11.00 USD for a 15ml bottle :) Currently, only Ambrosia and Shillelagh are in stock, but sign up for email notifications when the rest are in stock. I'm eyeballing a couple myself! :D


  1. Such a pretty color! Love the shimmer :)

  2. It's a fantastic color! I don't have any Ninja Polish polishes because of their cost, but I might have to make an exception for this one :)


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