19 December 2013

Royal Allons-y!!

Purchased By Me

Happy-Thursday-Tomorrow-Is-Friday!! Which means it's pay day and I can finish Christmas shopping! Is it bad that my husband leaves all of that up to me? We discuss (generally) what to get the kids, but I take care of all the buying and making sure everything gets here on time.. Hmmm..

So I've been pondering for the past couple of weeks on what to do for Christmas nails and I couldn't find the RIGHT blue polish for a base color for snowflakes. I tried about 5 different ones before I gave up and went to bed, LOL. Then a couple of nights ago, I did some Google searching for snowflake nail art because I have it in my head that I NEED to do snowflakes before Christmas and it hit me. Revlon Royal is perfect for EVERYTHING!! But it needed to sparkle! So I dug through many bottles of glittery nail polish and finally landed on Nail Pattern Boldness Allons-Y. I love anything Doctor Who and what's better than wearing a Doctor Who themed polish during Christmas??

I'm telling you now.. I fell in love as soon as I top coated this beautiful, magical combination <3 Enough of my rambling and on to the photos, right?! This is 2 coats of Revlon Royal, 1 coat of NPB Allons-Y, and 1 coat of Glossy Glam.

<3 <3

Aaaahhhh.. just gorgeous!! I'll be back tomorrow after I snowflake this up! :P Are you rocking holiday nails? Feel free to post them on my wall or tweet me!

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PS Do the photos look better taken in my light tent?

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  1. Gorgeous glitter! There's so many colors you can layer over it too :D


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