16 December 2013

Vivid Lacquer Band Candy and Bored Now Plus An Experiment

Provided For Review

I received some stamping plates and a couple of polishes from Anni of Vivid Lacquer and today I have the polishes to show you! (If you don't know who VL is, you need to hurry over to her store!! Her stamping plates are THE best!!) I received Band Candy and Bored Now from the Once More With Feeling collection, inspired by Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I was a huuuge fan of Buffy back when it was on, and sadly, I don't think I ever finished the series :( And who could resist Angel?! Both swatches are 3 coats sans top coat and applied perfectly for a holo. These do dry to a satin finish, so top coat is needed if you want added shine :) Dry time was amazing! <3

Bored Now is a raisiny purple scattered holo. Just look at that rainbow of colors! Just gorgeous!! <3

Band Candy stole my heart! I loooove brown holos and this milk chocolately goodness was no exception. I love how the holo flashes copper to pink <3

Be sure to check out Vivid Lacquer at the links below! Polish is 3 Free and $9 for a 15ml bottle. And there's worldwide shipping! I'll have the stamping plates up soon! :)

And for my experiment.. I mentioned a couple of days ago on Facebook that I ordered a light tent that *should* be here on Tuesday. While I was taking the photos for these swatches, I moved a lamp to the front of my light box instead of having them both on either side of the box with the light shining from above. Let me tell you the HUGE difference it made! Or better yet, how about a photo?

The top photo is with both lights shining from above and the bottom is with one light in front of the box at an angle. Amazing what a little change can do! I can't wait to get my light tent and finally get something awesome set up :D

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