07 November 2012

Erica's Nails and More November 10 Day Nail Art Challenge - Day 3

Wow!! I can't believe it's Day 3 already!!  Day 3 of Erica's Nails and More November Nail Art Challenge is  inspired by a tutorial. I admit, I had a little bit of trouble with this one because I didn't know what I wanted to do. I thought about doing a gradient, but that's part of the challenge, as is half-moon mani. Then I thought about doing galaxy nails, but considering how time consuming those are, I didn't want to spend 3 hours doing my nails :( So I got on Pinterest (of course!) and Googled nail art tutorials.. then it hit me!! Saran wrap mani!! I used the tutorial at Polish Me, Please! There are a lot of saran wrap tutorials out there, but this one seemed relatively simple to do. There are also a couple of ways to do the saran wrap part. I think the next time I do these, I'll try the other method. So easy to do, it looks elegant, it looks complex (I think!), and it's just gorgeous. It reminds me of marbled granite <3

Anywho!! I used 2-3 coats of China Glaze Kalahari Kiss, Orly Gumdrop, and then I thought, "Why not throw some Fairy Dust on top?!"

And there you have it!! :D

I'm trying to work on my hand poses :P Some of them are just awkward!!

Be sure to check out what the other girls are doing!! <3


  1. Yeah, I have issues with hand poses too. LOL I think it works better for me if I hold something. But this is a nice looking mani! Good job! :)

  2. Love these! The colour combination is unusual but works really well :)

  3. That is so pretty! Makes me think of a robin's egg ^-^

  4. Beautiful! I love that you added the touch of glitter :D Makes it really "fairytale-ish" :D
    I find that hand poses are tricky, especially with only one light source that isn't natural sunlight - so many shadows :( Have to make myself a light box one of these days.

  5. So pretty! I'm going to have to try a saran wrap mani one of these days

  6. These look great! I have been wanting to try this out... I think I just might


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