21 November 2012

Erica's Nails and More November Nail Art Challenge - Day 7

Howdy!! Can you believe this challenge is almost over and that Thanksgiving is the day after tomorrow?! :O Craziness!! We haven't started our Christmas shopping for the kiddos because we're waiting for our oldest to make out her list for Santa :P This is going to be the second Thanksgiving that I've cooked. Usually we go to my mom's or my husband's dad's, but decided that we wanted to start our own family traditions. Soooo... that means tomorrow night I get to make the pumpkin pies and get up super early on Thursday to get the turkey going! Ugh!! LOL :D

Anywho!! This is Day 7 of the challenge, which I wasn't looking forward to because it's stripes/lines, and considering the fun I had with lines the other day.. While I was catching up on reading all of the blogs I follow. I came across a lot of really awesome nail art using a fan brush!!

I had already painted my nails with Pure Ice Royal Flush, which I need to do a comparison post on, because it looks just like Orly Oui! <3

Here are some shots of Pure Ice Royal Flush on it's own..

Gorgeous!!! So then after finding manis using fan brushes, I whipped out Essie Penny Talk and Pure Ice Royal Flush and got to work! It was so much fun doing this, and I'm still wearing it because I love it that much :D

Sorry for the crappy clean up! I cleaned up several times and all I managed to do was getting sparklies all over my hands!

Next is gradient nails and then water marbles, which means I need to get to planning and thinking!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!! <3

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  1. How cool! The colors really complement each other, so pretty :)


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