17 November 2012

Erica's Nails and More November Nail Art Challenge - Day 6

Happy Saturday!! Since I was fired from my last job, I've been job searching left and right and landed a job! I start my new job as a pharmacy tech on Monday, which I'm really excited about. I was a pharmacy tech a few years ago and it was my absolute most favorite job ever.

The theme for Day 6 of the challenge is "Inspired By Another's Nails." Now, I knew what I wanted to do, but silly me didn't bookmark the mani that I fell in love with, so I literally spent hours going through blogs, googling, searching on Pinterest, and finally ended up going through the chat log between my mom and I on Facebook and found it!! I stayed up until 230 this morning doing my nails because the process was soooo long, and some of my skills are very lacking!

My mom sent me this link a couple of months ago on a guest post that Katy at Nailed It did, and my first reaction was, "I really need to do this!!"

So I got all of my supplies gathered: butter LONDON Nail Foundation (which I'm on the fence about), Orly Decades of Dysfunction (which is absolutely gorgeous!!), Orly Lola, China Glaze Naked, Sinful Colors Black on Black, tape, BM-20 stamping plate, my striping brushes, and got to work!

While I love most of this mani, I've never used a striping brush before and didn't really have a steady hand.. I actually think I was trying to paint the lines on with my hand in the air?? LOL Which leads me to issues with Day 7, since that is stripes! Oi! Think I need to get some striping tape and actual striping nail polish dealios :P

This is definitely something I want to try again, though!

I'm super excited about my pics, though! I downloaded the Photoshop CS6 trial and have been resizing my pictures and watermarking them and playing with different fonts (which I love to do!). AND!! I had hubby get different light bulbs today, so hopefully the coloring will be a lot better in the future :D

And on to the pictures!!


  1. Love it! A tip for striping - keep your nail/hand on the table. When doing horizontal stripes, turn your finger and hold the brush still. When doing vertical stripes, make sure to use a slow, fluid motion :) Also, you and I both used Naked for our Day 6 nails :)

    1. Oh and congrats on the new job!! :D

    2. I figured out the issue.. Well, my husband did, lol. I was using the wrong brush :P So awesome we had the same blogger in mind. Katy's nail art is fabulous!


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